7 Badass Outdoor Women You Need To Be Following

Throughout the outdoor industry, men have generally outnumbered their female counterparts as guides, participants and knowledge experts. But things are changing! Women are paving the way in the outdoors — from fighting for our public lands to being masters at guiding across the globe. Since last month was International Outdoor Women’s month, we are continuing to celebrate by giving you the details on women doing kickass things in the outdoors. And we promise, adding these women to your feed is sure to keep you amped up to get outside and make a difference!

Katie Boue - @katieboue

If you want to learn more about outdoor advocacy and how to make a difference, just turn to Katie Boué. She uses her platform to raise awareness on legislative changes on our public lands and how you can get involved. She has talked policy issues like the Public Lands Package and the Clean Water Act, sharing with her followers how they can take action to make change for our public lands. She also speaks largely about ways in which we can reduce our environmental impact through our diet and lifestyles.

Katie shares her take on the outdoors and advocacy as a Latinx hiker and rock climber; one thing we love in her posts is her acknowledgement of the Indigenous lands that she hikes and climbs on. She also speaks up about Leave No Trace practices and how we can be more responsible in the outdoors. On top of all this, she keeps it real when it comes to addressing privilege and access to the outdoors. Katie is the perfect woman to check out and follow if you want to do more to protect our beautiful planet!

Caroline Gleich - @carolinegleich

Caroline Gleich is so much more than a skier and mountaineer. On top of being a master on the mountain, she is also a rad activist who is advocating for our public lands and taking a stand to shut down online harassment towards women. When she was met with online bullying while completing Utah’s 90 most dangerous and difficult ski lines, she didn’t sit idly by. She has talked largely about the importance of standing up to online abuse, sharing how women especially need to speak up and be heard to break the cycle.

Caroline fights for things such as equal pay for athletes and policy issues surrounding public lands and immigration. Her fire for advocacy came from a young age, and she continues to use her platform to keep people informed and tell them how they can make their voice heard. Caroline also uses social media to portray a different perspective of womanhood - one of strength and perseverance. She is changing the way people view women in the outdoors - it’s much more than just a pretty picture.

As if you needed another reason to follow her, Caroline is now on her way to climb Mount Everest to fight for gender equality. So make sure you follow along to see her journey unfold!

Rebecca Walsh - @hikelikeawoman

With a following of over 13,000 on Instagram alone, Rebecca Walsh has cultivated a community celebrating women in the wild. She founded Hike Like A Woman (HLW) in 2015 as a way to showcase the experience of the outdoors through women’s eyes — from peeing in the backcountry to women-led expeditions and everything else in between.

Hike Like A Woman has expanded in recent years to also be a first-person storytelling platform, where women can share their personal experiences as a guide, hiker, climber, etc. in the outdoors. Women from all over the world send Rebecca stories that are highlighted in HLW’s feed. Taking it one step further, Rebecca also advocates for getting families with young children outside. Having two young children herself, she has shared how all you need to do is adjust your expectations and get outside to encourage your children to be advocates for the environment. The outdoors is for everyone, and Rebecca is here to show you that!

Irene Yee - @ladylockoff

In a world full of expert climbers sending 5.13s and above, Irene Yee is a breath of fresh air. Her photography highlights climbing for people of all abilities — because, in her opinion, that’s what real life looks like. Irene’s feed is meant to encourage women to get out and try climbing, or any other outdoor activity. She wants to knock down the perception that you have to look a certain way or have a certain skill level to be in the outdoors.

Irene has a creative way of capturing women climbing — she highlights their strength in each shot, from working through a crux or taking a break on a hard route. Her perspective on climbing, as seen in each photo, is less about your level of expertise and more about how much fun your having. Her feed is guaranteed to get you excited to grab your gear and get outside to climb, no matter what grade!

Johnie Gall - @dirtbagdarling

At its root, outdoor photography is a gorgeous expression of the wild places we cherish and explore. What we love even more — when people use outdoor imagery as a way to push for conservation and other environmental issues. That’s exactly what Johnie Gall of Dirtbag Darling is doing. From speaking on climate change deniers to analyzing the effects of plastic pollution, she is putting outdoor issues to the forefront of her content.

In addition to being an outdoor advocate, writer, photographer and producer, Johnie shares fun and creative shots of all her adventures. You can usually find her climbing, surfing or exploring beautiful spaces with her partner Marlin. If you’re looking for an adventure photographer account with more substance, make sure to follow her!

Marinel de Jesus - @browngaltrekker

A major part of the outdoor industry lies in guided expeditions. Unfortunately, male guides account for a staggering percentage of guides across the globe (think: 98.4 percent). So Marinel de Jesus founded Brown Gal Trekker and Peak Explorations in the hope to bring in more inclusion and diversity to guided expeditions. She is part of the movement to shift social norms around women in the outdoors, while also advocating for sustainable and ethical guides. Following her feed will help you make more informed and conscious decisions when planning your next adventure.

Brianna Madia - @briannamadia

If you haven’t already, stop what you’re doing and visit Brianna’s page. You will immediately fall in love with her little family — her husband, Keith, and two dogs, Dagwood and Bucket. Brianna’s feed is full of their adventures through the desert, a place they adore and call home.

In addition to fun times on the road and living the #vanlife, Brianna uses her writing to share vivid snapshots of her life and passions — from her childhood and relationships, to advocating for responsible adventuring. And once you get a look at Dags and Bucket, you fully understand why her motto is to “never leave the dogs behind”.

These are just a few of the many women who are making waves in the outdoors. We hope that they continue to encourage you to get outside, raise your voice and keep our natural spaces wild and beautiful for everyone to enjoy for generations.

All images are from Instagram