UOU OUTDOORS is a group of like-minded outdoor adventurists who are passionate about being outdoors, exploring new adventures, learning new skills, sharing our passions, and demonstrating environmental stewardship in the process. There's a plethora of data showing that people who spend time outdoors have a better quality of life - physically, mentally, emotionally, and inspirationally. That said, who do you owe first and foremost, the opportunity to benefit from being outdoors ... UOU.

Our goal is to provide resources, skills instruction, and services that guide and enable you to have the safest and most FUN experience possible. Challenging? Yes at times we'll challenge you to look beyond comfort zones. We feel strongly that if we can provide and facilitate all of this for you ... you will in turn pass it forward to others. 




Stoney has hiked well over 15,000 miles over the last 15 years.  He has vast experience on trails in State and National Parks & Forests, as well as National Trails like the A.T.; John Muir; Mountains-to-Sea; Eastern Divide; Alleghany; Vermont's Long Trail; and more.  Stoney is also a nationally certified Wilderness EMT and Wilderness Medicine Instructor with SOLO Schools as well as Director of UOU OUTDOORS Wilderness Medicine programs.  He is currently working closely with SOLO SCHOOLS to develop and launch a unique and flexible Wilderness First Responder Module for certified First Responders and Medical Professionals that will allow participants to learn valuable skills, and significantly minimize time away from work and family.  

Depending on the size or nature of your groups interests outside of photography, Stoney often solicits fellow Guide Brian Bell to co-lead your adventure and ensure UOU OUTDOORS is leading you on "Happy Trails".